Eddie Carroll's achievements in the entertainment field spanned every area of show business - the Broadway stage, motion pictures, television, movies of the week, a weekly series and especially his acclaimed one-man show Jack Benny - Laughter In Bloom. His original Jack Benny production opened in Los Angeles to unanimous praise from audiences and critics alike. He continued to perform the show in theaters across North America, as well as engagements in Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City. His performance earned front-cover stories in major newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News and the entertainment industry has lauded his show with numerous honors, including the coveted Golden Mike Award for Entertainment Excellence and the Preservation of Broadcast History.

On television, he had been singled out for in-depth profiles on CNN, TURNER BROADCASTING and HEADLINE NEWS, as well as the featured story on ABC-TV's ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE. Eddie's television career began with the MGM series THE LIEUTENANT, followed by a recurring role on the GOMER PYLE show. A long list of television credits followed including such classic shows as MARY TYLER MOORE, ALL IN THE FAMILY, ONE DAY AT A TIME, FANTASY ISLAND, LIFE WITH LUCY, LOVE AMERICAN STYLE, plus recurring roles on the popular MAUDE and ALICE series. Eddie also appeared with such luminaries as BOB HOPE, BING CROSBY, MILTON BERLE and ironically JACK BENNY on their television specials. Numerous appearances on the famed HOLLYWOOD PALACE show with DON KNOTTS led to co-starring with Don on a weekly NBC series. His latest TV credits included guest starring roles on FRASIER and SPY-TV.

On stage, he played leading roles in musicals, drama and comedy in more than two dozen theater productions from Los Angeles to New York, where he appeared in "Legends On Broadway". He also had the unique experience of breaking new ground in the theater, by playing two roles simultaneously. He portrayed Jack Benny playing the fastidious Felix Unger in a new adaptation of Neil Simon's, "The Odd Couple". Critics said, "Juggling two roles at once is a precarious undertaking for any actor, but Carroll plays it just right... a superior performance marked by nuance and sharp timing."

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Eddie got his start in Canadian theater and working as a writer in radio and television. An NBC scholarship for a new talent brought him to Los Angeles and he was soon drafted into the army where he wrote and produced shows for Armed Forces Radio and Television. Pursuing his acting career after the service, Eddie expanded his other talents with a comedy Album, writing songs that led to a recording contract and writing songs for other artists, including a hit single ("How is Julie") for THE LETTERMEN singing group.

During this time, Eddie and actor Jamie Farr formed Carroll-Farr Productions and were soon involved in creating and developing projects and pilots for ABC, CBS, SCREEN GEMS/COLUMBIA and HANNA-BARBERRA. In addition, they created a television series "MAN TO MAN" and wrote and co-produced a full season of episodes for MGM-TV.

Over the years, Eddie also appeared in over two hundred commercials and used his voice-over talents in more than a hundred animation, radio and television spots. An additional pursuit that gave him great personal satisfaction was working on projects for the Walt Disney Company, as the voice of Jiminy Cricket, a privilege he continued to enjoy since 1973.

An honorary member of the famed Friars Club, Eddie also served on the board of directors of the prestigious Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters, a membership of more than seven hundred professionals who have worked in radio and television for more than twenty years. Each year, they hold five special events to honor the achievements of prominent actors, entertainers, directors, producers and writers who have distinguished themselves in the Broadcast media. Eddie was a recipient of the Diamond Circle Award For Many Distinguished Years In Radio And Television by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. The organization also has the distinction of building a library that has compiled the largest collection of radio and television memorabilia in existence. 

Eddie and his wife Carolyn enjoyed an adventure that lasted 47 years.  

To Family, Friends and Fans... thank you for the many years of memories and adventures that Jiminy and Jack brought into our lives. You are all so special and our blessings to all of you for taking this ride with us.
               - Carolyn Carroll