Veteran stage and television actor Eddie Carroll's one-man show..."JACK                                BENNY/LAUGHTER IN BLOOM", goes beyond mere imitation of Benny's
                                 familiar catch phrases and mannerisms.

                                   It's a captivating evening of theater that has Jack Benny himself leading us
                                   on a fascinating tour of his rich and colorful life and illustrious career that
                                  spanned six decades...from vaudeville to films, from the Broadway Stage to
                                 radio and television, to concerts and personal appearances.

                          Carroll, who researched and penned the show himself, spent months preparing for the role and perfecting every facet and nuance of Benny's persona...from his walk, body language and gestures, to his voice, timing and delivery. "I didn't want to just imitate
Benny or do an impression", says Carroll. "An impression is basically a
caricature with overly exaggerated vocal traits and gestures. My goal
as an actor was to re-create Benny's honest reality and the true humanity
of the man."As a result, Carroll's performance is no stand-up comedy
act or routine, but an award winning, Broadway-quality theatrical
presentation that is in the same class as Hal Hollbrook's "Mark Twain",
James Whitmore's "Will Rogers", Robert Morse's "Tru", and
Frank Gorshin's production of "Say Goodnight Gracie".

As one critic wrote..."Carroll doesn't just do Benny...
. Before your eyes he truly becomes the beloved
comedian, capturing his endearing nature, dwelling in his spirit,
as well as his shadow."

The show opens with a short film of
some of Benny's funniest TV moments and ends with a
freeze-frame of Benny in his typical pose. As the image slowly
fades to the strains of "Love In Bloom", Carroll is illuminated on
stage left, in the same pose we have just seen on the screen. By the time
Carroll takes center stage, the audience has made the transition that Jack Benny is truly there in person. For the next hour and forty minutes, the audience is transported on a nostalgic journey as they learn of Benny's childhood as Benjamin Kubelsky growing up in Waukegan, IL...his personal struggles and failures, and eventual success in Vaudeville and meteoric rise in radio and television. He also shares insights into his personal life and hilarious anecdotes of cast-mates and other stars that fill the theater with heart, warmth, great memories and wall-to-wall laughter.

Carroll, (who's diverse career spans four decades in the theater, a television series, countless TV shows and the voice of Jiminy Cricket since 1973) performed "Jack Benny / Laughter In Bloom" for more than a decade drawing sell-out performances where ever it played. As Eddie said, "Nothing has given me as much pleasure as doing this show."

       Jack Benny was more than a show business legend. He became an American Institution and
       enjoyed more audience identification than any other entertainer. Even today his classic
       trademarks are still recognized and known to millions. With his incomparable approach to
       comedy, no one could steal his material or copy his style or timing. He was a class act who
       stood alone and was respected and revered by his peers. In a recent poll, he was voted as
       America's most loved comedian and one of the top five entertainers of all time.

            When a man can leave as much of himself as Jack left us, then he can never truly be gone.
               He simply becomes... immortal.

 About the Show
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Eddie Carroll