You watch transfixed, as Jack Benny suddenly appears before us... Carroll doesn't just do Benny... He IS Benny!
                                                                         -San Francisco Chronicle
Carroll's vivid portrayal of Benny's reality and humanity has placed him in the same company as Hollbrook's "Mark Twain"... Whitmore's "Will Rogers"... and Robert Morse in "TRU".

He has the enthusiastic support of the Benny family & estate, the International Jack Benny Fan Club and in Benny's home town of Waukegan, IL. The city council voted unanimously, proclaiming Eddie Carroll the Honorary Mayor of Waukegan, IL.
Eddie Carroll's achievements have spanned every area of show business- The Broadway stage, motion pictures, television, movies of the week, a weekly TV series and especially his award winning one-man show, JACK BENNY- "Laughter in Bloom".

His Original production opened in Los Angeles to unanimous praise and has continued to fill theaters with laughter across America, as well as showrooms in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

His performance has earned front-cover stories in major newspapers and magazines and has won numerous honors and awards, including the coveted Golden Mike Award for Entertainment excellence and The Preservation of Broadcast history. On Television, he has been singled out for in-depth profiles on HEADLINE NEWS, TURNER BROADCASTING, CNN and ABC-TV's Entertainment Magazine.
Jack Benny was more than a show-business Legend. His Droll delivery dead-pan stare, his unique stance and walk and of course, the hand on the cheek and the ever famous... WELL!!, all became famous trade-
marks known by millions.

He was the undisputed master of comedy timing and delivery and for forty-three years on
radio and television he patently created a character that was always thirty-nine years old
and a penny pinching cheapskate who became an American institution.

Jack Benny's life is a fascinating success story- nostalgic, heart-warming and
great fun. You'll laugh at his timeless humor and learn of his humble beginnings,
joys and disappointments, and his struggle to succeed until he emerged as America's
best known and most loved comedian.
Benny Tribute